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Off Court Practice with Mental Toughness

By Mary Hill


We are living in challenging times during this COVID-19 pandemic. When you want to get on the tennis court and can’t, whether because of the virus, an injury, or an illness, remember you can improve your tennis game without being physically on the court. You can use this opportunity to practice your mental skills. We all know how important the mental part of the game is…maybe even 80-90% of the game. These skills can be practiced off the court, one a day for 5-10 minutes, so that you can apply them when you are on court playing. Make them more comfortable and automatic by practicing them off the court first.


There are 6 Mental Skills to master. Read more


NSWTA life member Mary Hill, a highly regarded teaching pro and player from Northern California, shares with us some short instructional pieces to help improve your tennis game. More from Mary Hill



Lunch with the Queen

By Victoria McEvoy, M.D.


“Do you want to have lunch with the Queen Mother?” This question came from my grandfather who was visiting London the same time as my Wimbledon adventure in 1968. Val Ziegenfuss and I had been playing the pre-Wimbledon English circuit for several weeks together – Bournemouth, Wolverhampton, Hurlingham, Surbiton, Manchester, Queens, and then the big banana, Wimbledon. My grandfather had played a role at the Red Cross in London during World War II and had befriended King George, Queen Elizabeth, and an assortment of Dukes and Duchesses. “Sure”, I said, having no idea as a 19-year-old boy – and tennis obsessed teenager what exactly was involved in such an opportunity. First of all-shopping! I have always hated to shop, but in this case we were off to Harrod’s, the world famous department store in London, to find appropriate attire for dining with the Queen. My grandfather picked out the clothing with the help of a shop attendant- dress, overdress on top of the dress, matching purse, umbrella, gloves, and hat. I felt like i had stepped out of the 17th century. Read more

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