Les Grandes Dames, Lamita Jabbour

February 5-9, 2020. Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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By Sue Kimball


The week started with wonderful sunny weather, a trifle windy, but we can deal with that – not so with the torrential rain greeting us on Friday morning and continuing until early afternoon. The grounds crew did an admirable job getting the courts ready for afternoon play and somehow the schedule was rearranged and communicated to players with minimum disruption.


Being newly into the “5’s” again, I haven’t been to this tournament in several years but, once there, I immediately remembered some of its wonderful and distinguishing features: first and foremost this is a true club event enthusiastically embraced by the residents whether in a volunteer capacity grooming courts, as cheering match spectators or as hosts providing accommodation for one or more players. The banquet is always a treat with good food and raffle prizes. A nice addition this year was the complimentary boxed lunches.


While I understand the rationale of having the Palm Beach Gardens and this tournament closer together than in past years so that those players  traveling from the north can play both without a huge time gap to fill in between; being one of those who did play both – I ended up the two week marathon totally exhausted and not wanting to hit a tennis ball for days! It would be interesting to see whether or not the date change actually helped the number of entries – maybe a survey is in order?