President's Message

Dear Members,


Staying positive is a challenge during these unprecedented times when friends and family are suffering from job losses, COVID-19 illness, racial discrimination and a struggling economy. The pandemic has changed our routines and our NWTO members have stepped up to volunteer with passion. It warms my heart to see their empathy for those in need. They’ve found time and energy to work at food banks and deliver masks to high risk seniors. They have donated to local “Go Fund Me” campaigns to help small business owners and are generously supporting organizations to assist the Black community. When tennis opportunities fully return and our days begin to fill with pre-pandemic activities, we can’t lose sight of the continuing needs of our community. It can mean the difference between life and death.


While I’ve missed tennis tournaments for the camaraderie with friends, exercise, and travel opportunities, I also miss the diversion it provides from the real world. My daughter recently asked me whether I experience playing in the “zone or flow”,  (sometimes defined as a state of heightened focus and blissful immersion.) When I responded “yes, on good days” she expressed her envy of my ability to focus on the game so intently that I could temporarily shut out distraction and anxiety. We tennis players are fortunate to be able to block out the world during a match, returning to our life’s routine after the handshake (or elbow bump!). I recall finding respite during tennis games when my father was seriously ill, and then finding the energy and patience afterwards to be present for him. It will take some time for our world to return to a new normal and I hope that you will find “the zone” in your game and perhaps carry it off the court, giving your mind a break from everyday stress and anxiety.


I hope to see you on the courts somewhere in the latter half of 2020. In the meantime, stay in touch and stay healthy.


Leslie Airola-Murveit

NWTO Co-President

NWTO Moves Forward

We can’t wait to see our new banner hanging on the fence at our next tournament!


Since our March 29 meeting when members voted to change NSWTA to NWTO, we took three steps to make the name official. First, we filed a name change document with the State of Florida. Second, we registered the name and logo with the US Trademark Office. Third, we filed an application with the IRS to qualify NWTO as a 501c3 entity that permits tax deductible donations. We hope to hear back from the Trademark Office confirming trademark protection and the IRS designating NWTO as a charitable non profit by October.


Meanwhile, we are working with a designer to revamp our website to highlight our new name and logo and provide additional content and photos. We expect it to go live in September. Thank you for your support of these significant changes and we expect that they will enhance your member experience.


Playing Tennis Safely: Player Tips and Recommendations

The USTA recognizes that the coronavirus has been affecting different parts of the country in different ways and with different timing. We believe it will be possible for people to return to playing tennis safely in some cities and states sooner than in others. The Federal Government issued guidelines on April 16 for “Opening Up America Again”. By following these guidelines as well as those of local governments and health agencies, facilities and players will be able to make informed decisions as to when play can recommence. Read more

USTA COVID 19 Updates


NWTO Logo Wear

NWTO is partnering with Net Knacks to offer our members logo wear on our website via a “NWTO Pop-Up Shop” which will be opening soon and will stay open for several weeks. If it is successful we will run the shop periodically. We plan to offer 3 or 4 items for sale and we need your help in deciding which offerings you prefer and color preferences. Please note these may not be the exact model/manufacturer we eventually choose. Note that there is an approximate price for each item. At the moment we want to see which type of items appeal to our members.


We will be choosing from the following items: Fleece vest, Long sleeve quarter zip, Short sleeve, Tank, Hat, Visor. We want your suggestions by July 1st in order to create our first  pop up store in July or August. We will make the final choices of items to offer based on your feedback.We will make the final choices of items to offer based on your feedback, so please email us at

Instagram Update

We’ve been ramping up our member updates on the social media platform of Instagram. To go along with our organization’s new name, we have updated our Instagram username to Make sure to download the app and follow us. Most recently, we’ve been posting what our members have been up to during quarantine. Want to find out who is taking ukulele lessons over Zoom? Who is working out from her newly created home gym under the watchful eye of her golden doodle? And who is dancing outside her garage to entertain her neighbors? Follow us on Instagram at


2020 Category 1 Schedule

Check out the 2020 Category 1 tournament schedule. Registration links are added as available. 2020 Schedule


Membership Extension

This has been a tough year for tennis, thanks to the ever present COVID virus. Since tournament play has been suspended indefinitely, and we do not know if any tournaments will be played this year, the NWTO Board has decided to extend everyone’s membership for another year. We appreciate the support that our membership gives our board to continue our mission of providing a healthy, fun, competitive environment for tennis playing women. We are excited about the changes to our organization, and it is our intention to provide our members with extra benefits and support during the competitions. Let’s hope we will get back to competitive play soon. We strive to keep you updated each month on changes in our tennis world and hope to continue to include you in all our 2020 newsletter and directory mailings.


Current NWTO Member Directory

The updated Member Directory was sent to current NWTO members and may only be shared with members for social purposes. It is not allowed to be used for any commercial or business purpose. We want all of our members to be able to enjoy the directory and other electronic mailings. If you are a member and not on our email list, please


USTA on Tennis Channel

Check out what Tennis Channel has to say about the growth of USTA age group tournaments.

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Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the NSWTF. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Support the NSWTF by shopping at Enter "National Senior Womens Tennis Foundation" in the Search field.


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